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FCH. Soundtrack Beemac Calif Girl


Beemac Bassets  bassets with show winning attitudes  

Beemac Bassets has owned Basset Hounds for nearly 50 years. Our very first Basset Hound was purchased from one of the top kennels in California, Bar-B Kennels owned by Barbara Dunning, out of one of her top winning stud dogs. We owned other Bassets from many of the top kennels up until 1999 when we made a decision to breed our own bitch, Beemac s Shania Ann Star to a well known and established kennel, Rebelglen Basset Hounds. Our first litter produced 1 boy and 5 bitches. The litter gave us our first conformation champions: Reba, Garth and Wynonna and our first Obedience champions: Patsy and Becki. After that litter we bred back to our stock with our Champion Neva Red  Reba , RN, THD (our first Therapy Dog) to another Rebelglen dog, Champion Rebelglen s Pretty Boy and that litter produced 3 dogs and 2 bitches. This litter gave us yet 3 more conformation champions: Sonny, Toby and Cher. Sonny also has his R.N. and Therapy Dog titles. With the second litter we started to do Field Trials and Toby, Josh and Cher are all pointed in the field. In 2012, we decided that we wanted to do another breeding but had no bitches left in our line to breed to. We made the decision to go out to another breeder, Soundtrack Bassets in Canada, a well established kennel owned by Miriam Delfen and another kennel from the Netherlands another well established kennel owned by Carla Gerber and purchase one bitch each from those kennels to breed back to our stock. We are currently showing our Artemis and Hollie. Artemis will be bred in late May, we expect puppies thereafter, please visit us at: for more information.

FCH. Soundtrack Beemac Calif Girl  Artemis.  

Artemis is a natural born huntress and was winning over Field Trial Champions at 9 months old. She finished her Field Championship at 2 years old with 6 first place placements out of the 8 placements required. She is currently nearly finished in the conformation ring, she needs one major to finish and she will be an AKC Dual Champion, a coveted honor for Beemac Bassets. Artemis will be bred to our stud dog Champion Beemac s Hopin N  Prayin  Sonny  RN, Therapy Dog in late may to produce yet another litter of outstanding breed standard basset hounds. We breed for form, function and above all we breed for health. We currently have another girl in the Field and Conformation ring, shown here(right) Beemac s Be De Best From Roofgarden,  Hollie . She is 13 months old and has multiple wins and her first major in conformation. She is also pointed in the Field.  Hollie  is a stunning Basset Hound, reflective of what our breed is all about, bone, type and structure.  Hollie and  Artemis  are best buddies and enjoy traveling in their motorhome to shows across the states.

Has Puppies

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On Feb. 1, 2017 Beemac Bassets had a litter of 6 puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls, all red and whites. Mother and puppies are doing well.

Dam:  Ch. Be De Best From Roofgarden ( Beemac/Hollandheim)

Sire:  Ch. Legends Rolls Royce of Rebelglen.