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This page is meant solely for educational purposes. It is hoped that they will help tho visit our website to understand the various hound breeds that are similar to one another. Education is an important part of our club's purpose.

Information on the Masters of Basset Hound Association that is responsible for the "standard" and welfare of the English Basset has dissapeared from the Internet. As of 2016 they were still involved with hunting shows and are scheduled to be involved in 2017. If I find any appropriate links they will be added here.

NOTE: The Masters of Basset Hounds Association (MBHA), organization formed in 1911, is responsible for the welfare of English Bassets.They are the governing body for hunting with basset hounds in the UK today. As such the organization is reponisible for the registration of packs. The registered packs are made up of mostly of Basset Artesian Normand or mixes. In addition the association is responsible for producing a constitution and rules for hunting, the stud book (a record of breeding), and also for arranging the annual show. Working bassets are also shown at other hunting shows in the UK. The Association also arranges kennel inspections to ensure that hounds are being properly looked after.

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