Basset Hunt Test

At this time the BHCSC does not hold hunt tests for basset hounds. Due to insurance issues that prohibit the use on blank pistols or any similar noise maker we can not conduct the part of the test requiring proof that the dog isn't sensitive to a gun shot.

For now one of our members, Marianne Lovejoy, is holding hunt tests through the Basset Hound Club of America because of the insurance issue.

To be clear there is absolutely no danger to the people or dogs during the hunt test from the gun being used because of the use of a blank shooting pistol. It's a gun used at track meets and is not capable of shooting any kind of projectile. Our insurance company is, due to incidents in the past from various activities, has decided it can't regulate the typeof noise maker that clubs use so they have banned all types. Fortunately the Basset Hound Club of America is willing to sponsor these events for our members. We thank them for their cooperation.

As soon as information is available on the next BHCA sponsored Hunt Test is available it will be posted here. These events are held at the same place as our Field Trials at Prado Regional Park at the intersection of Cucamonga and McCarthy Roads, Chino, CA

While the BHCSC can not sponsor hunt tests we invite you and your Scent Hounds, check premium for listed Scent Hound Breeds, to come out and join us for weekend of fun.  STAKES ARE LIMITED TO A TOTAL OF 20 entries a day, with 5 alternate stakes.  Stakes will be Solo, Brace, or Pack on Rabbit or Hare.  So please get your entries in, these HPT fill up fast.

POTLUCK LUNCHES are planned so please bring your favorite dish to share. If you need any suggestions please contact Marianne.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED, we can always use help with the Field Marshalls and getting people out to the field on time, score runners, gallery, etc. 

The link below is to a pdf version of the Premium List for the BHCA Hunting Performance Test. We hope that you can join Marianne and her team out in the field. If you have any questions  please contact Marianne Lovejoy.

Marianne Lovejoy

Hunt Test Chair, BHCA 


LINK: Hunt Test Rules (a pdf file that can be downloaded and/or printed)


by Thad Makowski, Former BHCA Hunt Test Chairman


We are very excited to announce that after many years of hard work on the part of members of the Basset Hound Club of America (BHCA) and other clubs that the American Kennel Club (AKC) has now recognized the Hunt Test as an AKC titled event. Bassets and other breeds can now earn titles for their display of hunting ability. This is event is similar but very different from the field trials. In the Hunt Test only one dog is evaluated at th a time.

The information on the Hunt Test is still not well publicized by either the AKC or the BHCA. More information will be forth coming for now the information below and the links are all we have to go on. When the webmaster receives additional information and links they will be added to this page.

A special word of warning for these events. Rattlesnakes have been spotted on the grounds where these events take place. While those in charge of the events make every effort to hold them at a time when rattle snakes are less likely to be active they still may be present. Participants are encouraged to be very vigilant for their safety and the safety of the dogs involved.